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    Our philosophy

    Providing decades of experience in the passenger and cruise industry and being independent we work with a strong team to achieve the best solutions for our customers.

    Our cooperation with our partners and customers relies on trustful and open minded communication.

    We are acting as a fair partner with an optimum in transparency, which finds its limits where our clients' or our own interests deserve to be protected. We are committed to keep business secrets strictly confidential and therefore exchange confidentiality agreements with our clients.


    Our history

    SeaConsult as a totally independent consulting firm serving the international cruise industry and was founded in 1997 in Hamburg by Helge H. Grammerstorf – Captain, Certified Commercial Engineer and former Managing Director of various German shipping and travel companies.

    The list of clients includes international shipping companies, suppliers, service providers, finance companies and banks.

    Since its establishment more than 15 years ago SeaConsult successfully conducted a number of projects for numerous clients including most recognized national and international cruise companies. For a more detailed reference list please click on Projects. Additional information is available on request.