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    Networking and professional contacts are increasingly important in today´s society. Not only professional methods, but also scientific approaches are of high value and should be considered conjointly when analyzing a given situation. To contribute to the latest cruise industry discussions and mutually develop new approaches SeaConsult HAM GmbH is a member of various cruise associations, scientific and professional congresses as well as actively participating in cruise education. In addition, SeaConsult frequently contributes to different media productions with cruise related statements, discussions and publications.


    SeaConsult is a member and/or contributor to various associations and organizations:

    Cruise Research Society [Member]

    "The purpose of the association is to: Promote science and research in the field of maritime tourism and cruise management.
    More specifically, CRS organises, endorses and sponsors:

    Scientific events (i.e. conferences, symposia workshops, etc.)
    Scientific publications
    Research projects
    Awarding of research projects
    Development of education & training concepts and material
    Active support of and commitment to the WTO's Code of Ethics (abbr: World Tourism Organization – Global Code of Ethics)" (source: HP Cruise Research Society)

    Seatrade Europe [Steering Committee Member]

    "Founded in 1970, Seatrade is a well-established brand in the international cruise and maritime community. Its publications, events, management training, award schemes and websites cover every aspect of cruise and maritime activity and are known and respected around the globe. Seatrade's principal strength is its ability to bring key people together, encouraging innovation and facilitating better communication within the industry." (source: HP Seatrade Global)

    BALTIC SEA FORUM [Board Representative of the BALTIC SEA FORUM for the Clean Baltic Sea Shipping Project]

    "The Baltic Sea Forum is a non-profit organization which supports the economical, political and cultural co-operation in the Baltic Sea region. It supports the co-operation with the Baltic States as well as with the whole Baltic region, sees to the relations between the European Union and Russia and the development of the south-north-relation between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The Baltic Sea Forum has an extended network of members, representatives and partners from all fields of activity as e.g. economy, politics, culture as well as in science in the Baltic region and Central Europe." (source: HP Baltic Sea Forum)

    University of Applied Sciences, Bremerhaven [Advisory board of the faculty and degree "Cruise Tourism Management"]

    "The Cruise Tourism Management (CTM) programme educates future leaders for the tourism and cruise sector. The aim is for graduates – after a short period of induction – to take on responsibility and be in a position to perform tasks independently at home and abroad. The concept of the CTM programme was developed in close cooperation with enterprises in the cruise sector and in accordance with their requirements. CTM is a business degree programme with a major focus on the tourism and cruise sector." (source: CTM Information Brochure)

    Seatrade Cruise Masterclass (Cambridge) [Lecturer]

    "Seatrade Cruise Masterclass is an intensive, five-day residential course aimed at newcomers in need of a solid foundation, as well as those already working in the cruise industry who wish to broaden their knowledge and perspective. Students will learn new skills and gain valuable information about this continually developing industry from leading cruise specialists." (source: HP Seatrade Cruise Academy)