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    As an expert in international cruise business we can refer to a number of projects that have been successfully realized. Including national and international shipping companies as well as suppliers, service providers and finance companies we support a diversified clientele.

    Know how is the basis of our success. Permanent market research and observation, our varied database as well as inspection and valuation of cruise ships are the backbone of our consulting activities. In conjunction with personal work experience from many years in different positions in the international cruise segment we can offer our clients customized concepts, harmonized with individual requirements and needs.

    German river cruise market 2021

    For the ninth year in a row, SeaConsult was privileged to prepare the annual study on the river cruise market on behalf of IG RiverCruise, the European association of river cruise operators. The study, which is empirically based and supplemented by extensive in-house research, is developed by SeaConsult in cooperation with the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. The study has become a standard work for the river cruise industry and is used as a reference by many market participants, financing institutions and interested parties.

    This year, a separate survey was conducted on the EU Green Deal and CO2 pricing. It became clear that the industry is already dealing intensively with these topics and is actively preparing for them.

    Key messages of the current study: Sustainability and decarbonization are also advancing in river cruising. For the industry, the switch to sustainable, intelligent mobility and connections to environmentally and climate-friendly infrastructures is highly relevant. The river cruise industry remained under the spell of the Corona crisis for another year in 2021, but managed to withstand the second consecutive pandemic year with restraint. In a two-year comparison, Germany, the largest European market, was at about one-third of 2019 volumes, with the industry expected to reach pre-Corona levels within two years.

    The study "The River Cruise Market 2021" is available at a price of €98.00 plus VAT and shipment  from SeaConsult by e-mail at studien@seaconsult.de.

    German river cruise market 2020

    For the eighth year in a row, SeaConsult has presented its annual study of the river cruise market on behalf of IG RiverCruise.

    The study design includes an empirical data collection from market participants, desktop research and a special section dealing with questions of corona measures taken by the providers and future plans.

    In the current edition, the study period refers to the first pandemic crisis year 2020, and the study results accordingly deviate from the encouraging growth rates of previous years. At the same time, the river cruise industry is proving to be resilient and adaptable.

    Most market participants are already more optimistic about the future again for 2021 and 2022.

    The study is available at a price of 98.00 plus VAT and shipment or as a personalized pdf version from SeaConsult Services at studien@seaconsult.de.

    Feasibility Study

    Do you have a new cruise concept, a new business idea or need to assess your investment decision? Would you like to introduce a new product to the market or just change your strategy?

    We help you predicting your future success.

    Based on our own experience, diversified database, constant market research and observation our experts will evaluate your idea, reveal possible barriers and give advice.


    The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry, a good one to invest into.

    We develop customized cruise vessel financing concepts for finance companies, e.g. issuing houses, banks or private investors. We help you to allocate the right vessel for the market, outsource operational management and nominate the charterer for your ship. We also assist in documentation and contracting.

    Market Analysis

    Constant market observation and research, personal expertise and our own diversified database is the foundation for an individualized market analysis according to your requirements.

    We offer personalized analysis concerning different cruise market related topics like:

    • General structure of the cruise industry
    • Cruise products
    • Cruise companies
    • Target groups
    • Environmental influences
    • Future developments and trends

    We constantly analyze past and current facts combined with future developments of the cruise industry to provide you with professional market studies.

    Product Development

    Whether you want to introduce a complete new product to the market, get the most out of your vessel by improving your on-board product, your land operations, organizational structures or marketing strategy, our business experts will create a tailored concept for your needs.

    We help you to select the right target market, adapt your product accordingly and prepare it for the market.

    Survey & Expertise

    Whether you are shipping or finance company, a lawyer or insurer, a government agency or private investor, we furnish independent expertise concerning vessel valuation based on market understanding and technical knowledge.

    Publications & Presentations

    Helge H. Grammerstorf, MD

    • Member of the advisory board for Cruise Industry Management Studies at the University of Bremerhaven
    • Member of the Steering Committee for Seatrade Europe
    • Frequently engaged as cruise expert for German Television
    • Since ten years regular speaker on Seatrade International Cruise conferences in Miami, Genoa, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dubai and Hamburg
    • Speaker at the ‚Baltic Tourism Conference', Copenhagen and Helsingborg, Denmark
    • Lecturer at the ‚Seatrade Cruise Academy' in Cambridge, England
    • Speaker at the ‚World Cruise Summit' in Miami, Florida
    • Speaker at the ‚Inland Waterway Conference', Venice
    • Frequent guest writer for specific cruise and maritime publications (THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung, FVW, Hansa, ...)